The mission of the Chelsea Area Fire Authority is to serve the public by reducing deaths, injuries and minimizing property loss from fires, hazardous material incidents, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and any other crisis within our level of training and equipment.  

We strive to achieve this mission through diligent training and state of the art equipment, teamed with dedication and professionalism, while maintaining cost-effective management of public funds. 

Our success relies upon a proactive organization that understands the future will be determined by the use of our most valuable resource - our personnel.

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Calls For Service



YTD 2021: 1432    updated: 8/19/2021

Total Calls 2020: 1911              Total Calls 2019: 1988            Total Calls 2018: 1281              Total Calls 2017: 1414    Average: 5.23 Calls Per Day      Average: 5.45 Calls Per Day     Average: 3.51 Calls Per Day     Average: 3.87 Calls Per Day